Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Well if that's true this is going to be one long post.

PoetSummer has been vicious and Devious, from Writing Negative Feedback, to Spreading Rumors, to Insulting.

Not once has she tried to contact me and try to resolve this, but rather further prove my point and continue Insulting me and spreading rumors. (which she has never backup with anything)

PoetSummer really needs to worry about her own shop, rather then giving constant unwanted Negative comments about other peoples shops, and policing the Forums and Chatrooms, Etsy pays Admins well to do their job.

Poetsummer has a great successful shop, she shouldn't let it go to her head.

I'm happy someone yelled at her the other day in the Featured Seller Chat after she came in there while i was in there playing the game with everyone, she said she wasn't going to buy from anyone anymore if this drama continues about her, which she continued that it would hurt sales on Etsy.

Well Poetsummer if that's the way you feel, then you are trying to hurt the people of etsy for all the wrong reasons.

Here's a few screenshots I've collected,

on Twitter I found this

Found on WordPress.comInsult + Lie on PD Blog

Finding someone with my name from The Department of Justice and trying to say it was me(posted it twice in my blog comments)

Insult + Lies


More Threatening

and even more threatening

Screen capture after talking to other users about poetsummer

PoetSummer comes in the chats i'm in and just Idles there, there's nothing wrong with it , its a public room, but shes says i'm stalking her, i wont enter a room if I see her avatar.

Well, This is just to keep Poetsummer at bay, Don't let her push you around, and don't be scared of her because she has nothing, If she starts to insult and Criticize then do a Screen Capture then Attach it to an Email and send it to

Please don't Insult PoetSummer to get her started, that's just stooping down to her level, If you Start first don't bother whining to me about it.


  1. This is my last comment on this ongoing nonsense. All this started because you aren't successful and need someone to blame so you went into FS chat rooms picking on sellers who have a hard time defending themselves, I however do not. You cling to those unsuccessful people who take dollar store photo frames and put a sticker on it calling it art, even your friend molly there who has zero life and nothing going for her but sitting online all day long has only made two sales in month and months. Every time I enter a chat room you hit on me asking for photos and telling me stories about your wife's weight gain. I found it offensive and told you to go screw yourself. You are the one with the issues. Who takes all their own blog space to adveritse their art and spend that in this silly bickering. All these screen shots you make are fake and bullshit. If they weren't you wouldn't work so hard to black out and white out names. This is the game you play. I don't know grown men who behave like this and quite frankly I don't care who likes me or doesn't like me. I don't mind that toothless hillbilly types living off their boyfriend like me. I spend more money in those FS chat rooms supporting other sellers than any other seller you can find. And in the future, when I do go to buy something, if I find out they have hearted or supported you, your wife of any of your hillbilly unsuccessful gang, I won't buy from them. So write that down people if you are trying to peddle your art and you have anything to do with these bottom dwellers, I will take my money and put it into something else. I am sure you brow beat your wife as I know you already say horrid things about her appearance but you won't brow beat me. I will have an opinion and I will do as I see best. I would think you would let this all go away (I am not going to contact you personally as I never have and don't wish to help you with your little crush drama you have going on). I would think you'd want to focus more on your own art, your own etsy experience rather than dwell on something you aren't going to change. I am not going to wake up tomorrow and like you, want to talk to you or will have anything to do with you or the like. Asking etsy sellers to take less for their art, bullying them into doing so, bullying them into like you or your wife or buying from them isn't going to work. Go develop a new marketing plan. Stop stalking me, stop asking me for attention, stop sending whispers and stop bothering me. That is the advice I will give you before you have any sort of legal problems that you and I both know you can't afford. There are two sides to every story people, you can always email me at if you have any questions as for me this will remain a private matter. No online fat boy bully is going to beg me into liking them, paying them attention, helping them market their (cough) art or associating with them. Keep this in mind sellers, if I look at your icon and you have marked this guy or his tribe as a favorite, if you've spent a time in his store, I will be taking my buying dollar to another seller. You brought his all on yourself and I don't want to hear about it anymore. Ask yourself why this guy has all this time on his hands to do this to stalk me and just know that when he's done with me, you will be next. Would you trust this guy with your address? to sell here? If he can do this to one woman, he will do this to any of you also.

  2. And I did try to resolve this, A, by removing the feedback I left his wife even though I was not thrilled with the purchase. It's not her fault all this happened and I kinda feel sorry for her. I have received at least 40 convos saying they feels sorry for this slob's wife and asking me NOT to remove the feedback, but I did. And then I picked her to play the FS game so she wouldn't feel left out. Did this stop this maniac? Oh hell no. It's not about her, it never saw. This is all about a guy who was turned down flat. Do you know many men who sit endless hours in a chat room with some woman on etsy (his dear dear friend molly) while his wife is asleep? I don't and I don't care, I just want him to fixate on someone else. This is not a stable person and I am certain in these hard economic times he can't afford his medication.

  3. "even your friend molly there who has zero life and nothing going for her but sitting online all day long has only made two sales in month and months"

    I happen to be a very successful seamstress,dear. I also happen to work for a very successful designer. I've created entire weddings in the past. And this year for the prom season I created over 50 dresses from scratch which includes making my own patterns. I'm also a fashion student. I just don't have as much 'spare time' on my hands to create as much as I'd like for etsy. I support myself and own a condo in a gated community by the ocean and in my spare time I'm a model for the artist guild in Charleston. I must say compared to the life of a dried up ole prune, I've got a good thing going on and it's pretty exciting.

    Just felt like you needed to be corrected.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Nyphotoguy55 I'm sorry you feel that way.
    Dont beleive everything you read, Everything in this blogsot post is the truth so help me god, I never Stalked her, I never asked for her photos, I never talked bad about my wife, she is just making it up.
    I know PS has bought Many thing from Etsy Users, I dont deny that, and its great she has a successfull busines on Etsy, the matter at hand is that she has a nasty attitude and user feel threatened by her, and as many times as they report her, Etsy has failed to do anything.

  6. You removed my post? The truth is not your friend is it? I did my OWN research about this person and didn't run across ONE person who thought she was threatened. You clearly have more than a few issues. I couldn't find one person who thought she had a nasty attitude but I did late last night run across four people she sent FREE jewelry to just because they took an interest in her jewelry and they couldn't afford it. Can anyone say the same of you? I think you are jealous of her success, even your wife won't comment on this situation as you have managed to make her look foolish as well. This is simply a case of a few jealous people trying to harm someone who has managed to become a success. I did however hear from a woman who said You, Adidas threatened someone in a chat room for laughing at something poet said. You told her, "you'll be targeted on my blog next if you laugh at what she types." She wrote a note to etsy about it and I hope she really does learn to screen capture so when you tell her that again she can go to the authorities. The best thing to do for someone targeted in this fashion, as I don't believe any of this is really true. Who screen captures conversations YOU set up, twitter situations YOU created? to harm someone? Etsy hasn't done anything? Maybe etsy has nothing to do with this situation because this woman does GOOD for the site, not harm. You though, this invested for your two little sales? DO all the misfits that follow you in this band of hate all have two sales and are this invested in a stranger? I certainly hope this woman takes my advice and files a police report. I know a little about cyber stalking and how it is prosecuted and she has a good case here. You would have to prove she has damaged you somehow and I dont get she's done one thing to you. Tell us are you really on SSI like all these women in this chat room believe you are? Do you have some anger and mental health issues? Do you really have friends following you who brag about being drug and alcohol addicts? Do you really band up with a group that was running illegal auctions etsy? Why can't you answer any of these questions? Why delete my entry? Nobody allowed to argue with you? Go ahead and target me next I'd love to own your camera through a judgment through an internet stalking charge and I won't hesitate to file. Tell me even ONE thing this woman has done to you. According to your own blog here there is a list of woman you've targeted. Read down everyone there are several women who feel pushed around by this guy. He has accused more than one woman here of hurting his sales and harming him. According to YOUR BLOG ADIDAS you admit spamming etsy forums, calling out, creating an account to buy from your wife to leave crazy feedback, picking fights with poet with your band of misfits AND hitting on this woman in chat rooms. You admit that. Tell me one thing this woman has done to you other than report the situation to etsy so it will stop. Enlighten us what she has done to you other than laugh at you. After reading all this and looking at your photo I can't imagine she's the first woman to giggle at you.

  7. You really are a pussy. If you are going to edit what everyone else thinks, why not remove it all and be a man about the situation? Like I said, I did my OWN research. Is this woman sarcastic? Sure she is but she hasn't hurt a soul and you know it.You're mad because she's not into you and you're a fat worthless slob who can't make a living selling photos and you should really ask those people on etsy what they think about her because I did and they adore her. It's YOU they find creepy. Etsy isn't a pick up site for you and if she told you to get fucked you should have just left her alone. She's made you look like a raging asshole at this point and I am glad people see you are deleting entries, it shows what a full fledged coward you are, a coward who picks on women. Your parents should be ashamed. You don't like it when men stand up to you do you? I am conacting poetsummer today via convo to show her how to file a legal complaint in this matter. If I were you, I'd delete the whole blog and start over you look like a cuntass stalking freak.

  8. Regarding the comment last left to me, I did not what-so-ever edit any of the photos OTHER THAN TO REMOVE OTHER SHOP NAMES and ICONS and PHOTOS to KEEP THEM FROM BEING CALLED OUT.

    However, I did remove your comment due to the fact that you called out someone who posted a comment on my blogspot, stating that they are a, "Drug addict."

    I honestly don't know who you've spoken to, but you have your facts mixed up here.

    I have never stalked anyone. Ever. If that is the example in wich you seek, then there it is.
    You've even contradicted yourself in your last comments, and I quote you, "I couldn't find one person who thought she had a nasty attitude,"And almost in the same breath you admit yourself,"Is this woman sarcastic? Sure she is,"I would stand by the fact someone having a sarcastic demeanor as someone having an "attitude," and I know there are others who will agree.

    She has never ONCE approached me in a respectful, or kind manner, from the moment she left the FIRST comment on my blog entries.
    She approached me. Not I.
    If you fail to understand what I am trying to convey to you, GO BACK and RE-READ some of her remarks.
    Is it HER who has, made untruthful statements about myself and others. She has published in writing on my blog, that injures me and others on etsy. IN DOING SO, she has damaged her own reputation or standing in the community at, not me.

    I removed the names of the people in the posted photos as to NOT do that to them. I will not purposely CALL OUT someone, or give you names for you to pass along, so others can be treated libellously!

    You're instigating that I should do otherwise, and it wont happen.

    You're also insinuating that I created false accounts to make those photos, which is inaccurate and also libeling my name, yet again. GOOGLE them yourself, and you will see they belong to people on etsy. Not me.

    You need to gather your facts before you make unsound remarks.
    Google search the internet for your own sanity, and see the truth for yourself.

    The people you've spoken to have been lead astray by lies, and rumors.
    Facts speak louder than all that rubbish.

    And others have come to me that they find it very interesting that your blog suddenly appears to be created just to leave these remarks, as though it should be in questioned itself even to who you are,.... or claim to be.
    If anything, you come across as the very person you defend.

  9. I thank you for this post!!! I had NEVER done anything to this VILE woman (if I can even consider her a human). She is disgusting, insulting, rude, shameless, self centered ESTY seller. I was minding my own business in a chat room where she attacked my work. I am on ETSY as a fun side job. I could care less that I don't make one hundred dollars in a day on ETSY. That's what my husbands job is for.

    This VILE woman comes into a chat room attacking me out of no where. I see I am not the only one she has attacked and apparently she's got a big screw loose!

    I took it with a grain of salt and honestly don't care WHAT she thinks of my items, cause apparently over 200 other people LOVE them!!

    I am here making an honest living, I'm not out robbing banks for commiting fraud. So poetsummer...kiss my ---!!!!!!! I LOVE how you buy your items to make your JUNK...wholesale from HONG KONG and CHINA (on your eBay site)! Isn't that what you were insulting me about? Tsk two faced!!

  10. You have to check out the blog of this poor lady who crossed paths with Poetsummer. I hope she leaves it up.

  11. I'm late reading all of this and I'm so darn mad about it, because I have something to say and I'm hoping everyone will see it. This Poetsummer is true evil...and say, Nyphotoguy55 you sound strangely familiar....poetsummer got another alias because you sound just like her!!!!!!!!

  12. Hello sympathies to you sir, but I've been hounded by this woman for going on five years.There is no story you could tell that I wouldn't believe because I've been through it. Just when I think she's forgotten me, she searches me out, you talk about a stalker this woman should be in the Guinness book of world records. What is most odd, is that every insult she slings at me, she is guilty of's just plain weird. I'm not a stalker [I don't even read her blog]I'm not fat, my husband isn't lazy, my kids support themselves, I'm not a thief or a liar or any of those things... You tell me that stalking someone for five years the way she has me isn't sick. I have NEVER known such evil in my entire life. I don't know if she's sick or not--because lies pour out of her mouth so easily.I feel sorry for all the ripped off people, that shop should've been closed the very day she got her bad news--if indeed she got it. She accused me of stealing her art and copying her, just the same as she did numerous other ebay sellers...puhlease, not one thing she does is original, I don't use such big items on my work...and frankly, my work is higher quality and always has been.

  13. by the way, I'll probably get some more vicious evil slanderous comments on another blogsite for my comments...the ones I am referring to, just appeared..isn't it odd that she can find the time to leave the slander but not be able to find the time to start refunding some of the money she's bilked out of all the customers who are either waiting on their item or their refund? Frankly, I don't care anymore what kind of lie she manufactures about customers have always gotten their item, always been satisfied and they have no reason to doubt me.